Brand Story

FRANCO VITAL is an eyewear brand born in 2017. When we look at the story of its name, the word “FRANCO” is derived from the old French word “Free” which means FREEDOM. The word “VITAL” is derived from the Latin word Vita and means “LIFE, LIFE”.

When combined, the meaning of “FREE LIFE” emerges. She inspires herself to be free and full of life in her designs.

About Products

FRANCO VITAL is a completely original and innovative brand. All of the products are made in Italy and Korea, but the lens colors are completely personal and handcrafted and integrated with the frame. The lenses of the glasses have an AR coating both inside and outside, providing extra protection by double filtering the harmful rays that can hit your eyes. Italian Mazzucchelli acetate is used in acetate models, while stainless steel is used in metal models and they have anti-allergic coatings.

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